Sunday, 17 June 2012

Introducing Composition 4

Composition 4, or C4, is a NYC-based hip-hop and R& B producer. C4 was born in Manhattan, raised in Westchester, attended college outside of Chicago, but is now back making beats in the birth place of hip-hop. With an early fascination for the explicit lyrics of rebellion found in classic hip-hop albums like "Busta Rhymes - Anarchy" and "Master P's - The Last Don," C4 soon realized the significance of the beats and became dedicated to learn how to produce. "I couldn't rap but I wanted to be a part of hip-hop. I saw production as the perfect place for me," C4 says. After years of diving into self-teaching the playing of the acoustic, and then electric guitar, C4 decided to be a one-man band and learn the production side of the business. "In 2010, I finally decided I was going to buy a midi keyboard, FL Studio, and express myself through this new outlet." With emotionally-deep beats to club-banging dance anthems, C4 has collected an eclectic library of "compositions" - many available on Over the past 2 years, Composition 4 has become a promising up-and-coming talent with an original sound. Without using samples, and relying more on orchestral sounds, C4 has solidified an impactful style that is buzzing on the internet and underground NYC beatmaking circuit. He most recently performed at the Catalina Beat Mixer in Tribeca and is continuing to work on his solo work, an instrumental collaboration project with fellow producer Jay Bonez, and is seeking vocalists to breathe further life to his "compositions." "I love composing, experimenting, and sharing my music. I've learned so much already and want to continue to create new, exciting sounds for the listener. I'm dedicated to maintaining an original approach to beat-making and look forward to growing as a producer and expanding my work to new audiences."


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